DF Youth aims to strengthen and deepen youth social justice organizing in Detroit by partnering with youth programs that focus on social justice based education and multimedia creation, who are using digital media to transform ourselves and our communities. Our mission is to build a Detroit youth network. Our Vision is to grow a youth led movement in Detroit. Network members share a commitment to authentic youth-leadership development that fosters the future creators, problem-solvers and social change-makers our city needs.

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Partner Organizations

  • Detroit Asian Youth (DAY) Project

    Detroit Asian Youth (DAY) Project is a group of Asian Americans in Detroit developing leadership skills and awareness for social justice by engaging in community service, learning and other programs that foster appreciation towards Detroit and its Asian American community.


  • Earthworks Youth Farm Stand program

    Youth Farm Stand - 12- to 17-year-olds are engaged in farming, marketing, personal development and learning about our community food system. Participants help in our greenhouse, learn about plant lifecycles, help with our value added products, help harvest and prepare vegetables from our field for market and attend market days with our staff (please see the calendar for a list of market days. We developed the Youth Farm Stand program when we realized that many Growing Healthy Kids participants were in need of more advanced programming and simply needed to have their own older kids group.

  • 5E Gallery & HERU's Business Program

    5e Gallery and the HERU Organization are proud and excited to be partnering to create "the BUSinESS Program"(™) with youth of Detroit, to serve as our combined youth entrepreneurship, digital media arts and literacy, and social justice initiative. Our collective purpose is to use media to confront the various issues facing youth in our Detroit community. "the BUSinESS Program"(™) focuses on fostering the next generation of artists through mentorship and leadership training, media skills training, and entrepreneurial development.

  • Detroit Impact

    Detroit Impact's Youth Leadership programming is designed for youth 13- 17 and provides the integration of reading, writing and speaking skills. We provide life skills, summer youth employment, recreational activities, and mentorship. We help students relate what they learn and use it in leadership roles in their homes, schools, and community. We assist them to enhance their character, provide opportunities for leadership, and building mentorship relationships designed to reach youth where they are and begin to guide them into adulthood.

  • Detroit Summer

    Detroit Summer is multi-racial, inter-generational collective in Detroit that has been working to transform communities through youth leadership, creativity and collective action since 1992. The Live Arts Media Project (LAMP) of Detroit Summer is a youth-led response to Detroit’s drop-out crisis, which uses music, poetry, media, and visual art to investigate community problems and generate community-based solutions. We developed a process of community media production that became an organizing campaign to transform education in Detroit.

  • East Michigan Environmental Action Council

    EMEAC seeks to empower youth by providing technological tools, skill development, and resources that enable them to craft their own solutions to larger, systemic environmental justice issues and problems, methods for creating a platform for their collective voice, practice of civic engagement and community advocacy, and the ability to contribute to community sustainability through informed action. Participants in EMEAC programs learn how to identify, create, and deploy interactive solutions to community issues for implementation in real life.

  • Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion

    The Michigan Roundtable has a long history of successful work with diverse sectors, constituencies and communities. Our youth programming continues that tradition. We work throughout the greater metro Detroit region in collaboration with school districts, community organizations, and cultural institutions. The Youth Internship program goals are: to provide paid work experiences that will develop youth as effective movement builders in their communities and to create a regional network of youth leaders that will facilitate connections between urban, suburban and rural youth.

  • Real Media (a program of Urban Neighborhood Initiative)

    Real Media is a multimedia after-school program that provides opportunities for middle and high school youth in southwest Detroit to use film and other forms of multimedia to build community connections, address social injustice, enhance their academic, research and digital literacy skills, create original multi-media works, and gain valuable preparatory experience for college and the workplace.


  • Rosa Parks Youth Program

    The Rosa Parks Children and Youth Program seeks to stretch the minds of young people, stimulate their creativity, and explore with them alternatives to violence. This is accomplished by means of after school tutoring and art therapy sessions for children ages 6-14, a garden club, and a lending library of over 15,000 books. Teen boys’ and girls’groups and a junior counselor program focus on the development of youth leadership. A three week summer peace camp for all children features art, drama, music and peacemaking activities.

  • Ruth Ellis Center

    The Ruth’s House has two residential programs, serving LGBTQ youth in need of safe and supportive living conditions. The transitional living program serves young adults 16 to 21; Young people ages 12 to 17 are served through a semi-independent living program. The administrative offices and Drop-in Center are located at 77 Victor St. in Highland Park. The Center includes several services and programs including the Out and Upfront project. The Out and UpFront Project is a youth leadership and advocacy program through the Ruth Ellis Center, that focuses on ending bullying of LGBTQ youth. This project empowers the voices of youth to transform, not only their lives, but their communities.

  • Vanguard CDC Fame Program

    (more info coming soon)


  • Young Nation & Inside Southwest

    Young Nation’s organizational mission is to promote holistic development of youth in urban settings through building relationships, community education, and passion-driven projects. Young Nation believes in the vision that quality, culturally and developmentally competent programs for youth can develop, grow, and flourish in our urban communities with minimal and efficient investment of limited resources and liberal investment of value created from participation in social networks.